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1- Restavecs - Haitian Child Slaves   Thousands of children are living in slavery in Haiti - taken from their families in the rural villages or given up by desperately poor parents for the promise of a better life in cities like Port-au-Prince, Jacmel or Les Cayes.  
Panosinst  Panos (Caraïbes & Amérique centrale, Washington DC) coordonne la tenue des séminaires, la production et la dissémination d’articles, de programmes radiophoniques et télévisuels, de matériaux électroniques sur des thèmes comme LES Droits de l’enfant, le VIH\SIDA, la dégradation environnementale, la liberté d’expression. Il incite des débats débouchant sur des solutions communautaires face au défi des problèmes de développement.  

3- Archforkids
Architecture is not just for Adults it is for children too.

4- CCL : Haitian American Children's Book Club

5-   Children education in Dade county

6- EDEN GARDEN ORPHANAGE Eden Garden Orphanage was founded in 1998, by Charles and Gigi Le-Morzellec, a French couple residing in the state of Virginia, USA. After seeing the poor conditions and hopeless life of those precious little children in Haiti, the Le-Morzellecs started dreaming of a way to offer those little ones the hope of a better future

7- Agir pour l'enfant A l'origine, les membres fondateurs d'AGIR POUR l'ENFANT sont des parents adoptifs d'enfants nés en Haïti et en Éthiopie.

8- Sponsor a Child This year I was thrilled to see Marie Rose Andre graduate from our Bible College in Haiti. She is our only woman pastor. Marie Rose has a strong growing church. She is a model of what God is able to do. God always calls, gifts and anoints men and women to bring His Word to the world. Marie Rose is the Pastor of the church in LaFerrony....

9- HopeForHaitisChildren


10- Haiti Hand in Hand as a licensed child placement agency has a very active Haitian adoption program. Requirements for families and other information pertaining to our Haitian program are:

Haiti - International Adoption The information in this circular relating to the legal requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only. Questions involving interpretation of specific foreign laws should be addressed to foreign legal counsel.

12- Hope for Haiti   Hope for Haiti’s Children Ministries (HFHC Ministries) is a group of concerned Christian volunteers who coordinate efforts for God’s love to openly flow between caring

13- Hope For the Children of Haiti

14- Adopt a Child from Haiti  "You have been such a blessings to our family from the very first phone call. Thank you
15- Children are a Blessing from the Lord! I have adopted 2 children from Haiti using Reach Out to Haiti. Both are absolutely wonderful! It is a relativly inexpensive adoption and can take less then 6 months to complete. My approximate costs total about 7000.00 for my last adoption.
16- EDEN GARDEN ORPHANAGE Providing a haven for the
homeless in Haiti
17- Dosfan U.S. Department of State 1995:  International Adoption -- Haiti Bureau of Consular Affairs
18- A New Arrival Adoption Agency

19- The Voice Of Children  Bethonne is the local Haitian pastor who runs the Voice of Children ministry.  Here is what he has to say about his calling: "My name is Bethonne Louis Juste (Bay-tone Lu-e-jus). I was born January 25th, 1949. My wife's name is Martina, and we have three children, two boys and one girl."

20- Association Enfants-Soleil - Avec les enfants D'Haïti - Association loi 1901  

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